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carpenter ants pickering

Ants. Ants. And more ants.

Our number one call this season from customers is for ants. 85% of those calls are about carpenter ants. In Pickering, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and Markham, customers are findind carpenter ants nesting inside their houses. We have noticed an increase in all of the major areas of Toronto. Why? Why are there so many more carpenter ants this year, compared to years passed?

Remember that ice storm this winter? That storm downed a lot of trees. These trees that were removed would have been the natural home for carpenter ants. They love wood, especially wet or decaying wood. When their natural nesting areas are removed, carpenter ants begin to look for homes in other places. Areas that are especially prone to carpenter ants include areas that have many ravines, and wooded areas including Aurora, Markham, Mississauga, Oshawa, Pickering, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Vaughan,and Whitby.

Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture areas. This can include kitchens, bathrooms, basements and any area that may have water damage. These are prime spots for carpenter ants to make their colonies.

Because they are a noctural pest, carpenter ants like to make their nests behind the walls where it is dark. Further complicating matters is that fact that only 10% of the nest ever ventures outside the nest. Which means any ant that the homeowner sees in their kitchen or bathroom, has 10 sister waiting back in the nest. This means that there is rarely only “one ant” in a home and for elimination of carpenter ants, a indepth integrated pest management program is needed.

To find out about our services check out Ant Elimination Services or give one of our carpenter ant specialists a call at 416-840-4040. We’d be happy to help you.

For more information about carpenter ants please visit Carpenter Ants Toronto

Pavement Ants Inside The Home?

Last week we received a call from a customer in Pickering regarding pavement ants. Very often pavement ants are found on the exterior of the home. They prefer pavement, and interlocking brick which makes them a prime pest for patios and driveways. However in this case, pavement ants were found on the interior of the home which indicates a satellite colony has taken up residence inside the home.

pavement ants in fireplace

In a home in Pickering, pavement ants were found nesting behind the fire place mantle.


On the interior of the home, our technician found a hole in a brick in the fireplace mantle. This seemed to be an area of high activity and it is suspected that a pavement ant colony was nearby. The area was treated with a combination bait treatment using gel (Drax) and granular (advance) ant baits. Activity was seen within 3 minutes of placing bait station. Bait works through ingestion, these foraging ants will take the bait back to the queen. Once the queen has been killed, the rest of the colony will follow, at which point the elimination will be complete.

Pavement Ants Pickering

This entry hole may lead to the pavement ant colony behind the walls.


Pavement Ant Bait

Pavement ants coming out in search of food, finding our bait waiting for them.

Here at Advantage Pest Control, we have been recieving an influx of calls from customers for Carpenter Ants. Right now, in the spring, is when carpenter ants send out reproductive ants to attempt to start new colonies. The ice storm a few months ago, left many trees damaged or removed which limitted the areas where carpenter ants naturally live. These colonies have been attempting to relocate inside houses. Continue reading