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Case Study

Yesterday, our ant specialists were dispatched to a call in Pickering for pavement ants. Upon arrival, they discovered over 20 small colonies had spread out over the patio. Pavement ants are little black ants which nest can nest inside cracks in interlocking brick and concrete. Primarily they are found in patios, walkways, driveways and foundation cracks. An exterior bait service was provided using multiple baits. Ant bait works by attracting foraging ants who bring the bait back to the queen, eventually killing her and the rest of the colony.

Pavement Ant In Pickering

Pavement ants use sand, creating a buildup around the entry/exit point of the colony.

Pavement Ant Nest In Pickering

Pavement ants prefer to nest inside the cracks and voided areas of pavement and concrete.

Pavement Ant Colony in Pickering

Pavement Ant colonies have a small hole from which ants come in and out.

The largest of the nests of pavement ants.

The largest of the nests of pavement ants.

ants pickering

Pavement ants located on the patio in the backyard

pickering ant pavement

One of several pavement ant colonies located in Pickering

pavement ants pickering

Another pavement ant nest in Pickering

pavement ants pickering

A close-up of a pavement ant nest in Pickering

Ant Control in Richmond Hill


We received a call last week from a customer in Richmond Hill who reported having black ants with wings on her window sill. These were identified as carpenter ants. Carpenter ants’ reproductive forms (both male and female) have wings and are often referred to as flying ants. This is indicative of a colony of carpenter ants attempting to make a satellite colony. Once mating has occurred between the male and female, the queen will find a new place to start her colony.

Richmond Hill (as well as Markham and Pickering) is an area just north of Toronto which is experiencing an increase in carpenter ant infestations. There has been a significant increase in the ant control calls we have received for the area. Ant control services are available to the entire Greater Toronto Area including Richmond Hill. Feel free to give one of our ant specialists a call at 416-840-4040 or for any other pest control service inquiries.

Pavement Ants Inside The Home?

Last week we received a call from a customer in Pickering regarding pavement ants. Very often pavement ants are found on the exterior of the home. They prefer pavement, and interlocking brick which makes them a prime pest for patios and driveways. However in this case, pavement ants were found on the interior of the home which indicates a satellite colony has taken up residence inside the home.

pavement ants in fireplace

In a home in Pickering, pavement ants were found nesting behind the fire place mantle.


On the interior of the home, our technician found a hole in a brick in the fireplace mantle. This seemed to be an area of high activity and it is suspected that a pavement ant colony was nearby. The area was treated with a combination bait treatment using gel (Drax) and granular (advance) ant baits. Activity was seen within 3 minutes of placing bait station. Bait works through ingestion, these foraging ants will take the bait back to the queen. Once the queen has been killed, the rest of the colony will follow, at which point the elimination will be complete.

Pavement Ants Pickering

This entry hole may lead to the pavement ant colony behind the walls.


Pavement Ant Bait

Pavement ants coming out in search of food, finding our bait waiting for them.

Carpenter Ants in Richmond Hill

Recently one of our technicians was dispatched to a carpenter ant elimination job in Richmond Hill. The customer had called in with an ant problem and spoken with one of our carpenter ant specialists. The customer had seen activity both inside the home and on the exterior. Our specialists recommended a combination treatment of bait and spray to eliminate the ants.

Upon arrival, the technician treated the exterior including the wooden deck area. Wooden structures, especially those connecting the house to the soil are very susceptible to carpenter ant infestation. These areas should be of primary concern for any carpenter ant elimination.

Inside the home, the primary area of activity was in the children’s play room. This area was treated with both granular (Niban) and gel (Drax) bait by our carpenter ant specialists. What followed was an immediate response to the bait. Within a few minutes the carpenter ants were crawling all over the beams and the stations (with the bait inside). Bait works as a food attractant and ants, especially carpenter ants, respond well to this type of treatment.

The rest of the interior of the home was also treated with the combination treatment. This is done to ensure all carpenter ant nests will be eliminated. Sometimes there are more than one colony inside a home, therefore we rarely recommend a spot treatment.

For more information about our carpenter ant treatments visit Carpenter Ants Toronto or call our carpenter ant specialist at 416-840-4040 in the Greater Toronto Area, 905-887-8559 in Richmond Hill or Toll-Free at 1-877-504-2847.

carpenter ant elimination

Carpenter ants can be seen here taking granular bait.

Carpenter Ants in Richmond Hill

Carpenter ants on a beam of wood at a call in Richmond Hill

carpenter ant close up

Close-up of a carpenter ant.