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Are carpenter ants taking over Toronto??

We have recently been completely inundated with calls for ant control in local Toronto homes. Most customers complain of large black ants, some with wings running rampant throughout the house!

Carpenter Ants Toronto

Large black ants generally refer to carpenter ants.

What are these ants with wings or flying ants?

The winged ants, most people confuse with queens. However this is not the case. These are the reproductive males and only have one purpose in life, to mate. If your seeing them in your house in late spring or early summer, then chances are, you have a colony.

What can I do about carpenter ants?

Ant control in Toronto or any other city in Canada should be done professionally and involve an integrated pest management protocol. That’s what we mean by IPM.


Advantage pest control employs this technique in our program and it is essentially what separates us from most of our competitors. We are always looking for new ways to integrate new products with our licensed and seasoned technicians. Baits are a good example of new technologies we constantly add to our ipm program.

carpenter ant elimination

Carpenter ants can be seen here taking granular bait.



Contact Paolo Bossio, carpenter ant specialist, for information on carpenter ants and what your ant control program would consist of!

Ants Toronto – Toronto Office


Ants have been at increased levels all over the city of Toronto as we have mentioned in previous posts, this is most probably a direct result of the ice storm we experienced this winter which caused a large number of trees to have to be removed which would disturb the natural habitat of carpenter ants. In addition the storm caused a large amount of damage to homes which in some cases was not able to be quickly repaired. This may have allowed moisture inside these areas. Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture areas and damaged wood to make their nests inside. Today our carpenter ant specialists are servicing Toronto, Scarborough and Etobicoke.

At various locations in the Annex (in Toronto), we have recieved service calls for carpenter ants and pharaoh ants. A number of customers are recieving integrated pest management treatments for ants which include interior and
exterior treatments using a combination of bait and spray. This is often a very common treatment as the bait attacks the colony at its heart, the queen and the residual of the spray takes care of any of the stragglers.

Scarborough has been experiencing an increase in pavement ants. The first weeks in June are often the time when homeowners first open their pools for the year or have their first pool party. Patios and pool decks, especially
those with interlocking brick can be vulnerable to pavement ants. Look for a case study of a call for a pavement ants in Scarborough tomorrow.

Etobicoke has many parks and wooded areas including Centennial Park where trees can foster large carpenter ant colonies. This area would also have been largely affected by the ice storm driving these colonies to create satelite
colonies inside the homes of the residents of Etobicoke.
For any ant control concerns including carpenter ants, pavement ants and pharaoh ants please call one of our ant specialists at 416-840-4040. Or visit our Ant Control Services.

Recently we were featured in the Toronto Sun in an article about how to prevent carpenter ants.

You can view the article here

The article outlines where typical carpenter ant nests are located: moist, decaying and dead wood which can be found in decks, porches, door frames and window frames.

The article also informs homeowners about what to look for, for carpenter ant identification. The main symptom is usually tiny pines of sawdust. For more information about preventing carpenter ants.

We have seen an increase in carpenter ants this season in areas such as Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering as well as within the Toronto area.