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This has been an exceptionally busy carpenter ant season. Harsh winter conditions, polar vortexes and ice storms all contributed to what has been Advantage Pest Control’s busiest carpenter ants season in over 10 years.

Carpenter ants are a wood destroying insect that harbour in many of Toronto’s mature trees. When points of harbourage are disturbed they send this social insect into a frenzy to find new points to nest. Thus making your home a cornucopia of wood and moisture that they thrive in all year round!

What can you do?

If you see black ants inside your home this time of year, it usually means there is a social colony either nesting in your home or looking for ideal pieces of wood to infest. Once infested, they create channels throughout the wood. Thus compromising sometimes integral structural points in your home.

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Paolo Bossio

CEO Advantage Pest Control

Here at Advantage Pest Control, we have been recieving an influx of calls from customers for Carpenter Ants. Right now, in the spring, is when carpenter ants send out reproductive ants to attempt to start new colonies. The ice storm a few months ago, left many trees damaged or removed which limitted the areas where carpenter ants naturally live. These colonies have been attempting to relocate inside houses. Continue reading