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Shopping for Ant Control


It can be difficult to determine what to do about an ant infestation. One of the first things that homeowners often want to do is identify what type of ant they are dealing with. Most of the time, this can be done by speaking with an ant specialist. They know the life cycle and behaviours that are typical of the different types of ants.

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants are one of the most common pests in the summertime. The usually prefer areas of moisture.


You can give our ant control specialists a call at 416-840-4040,


When you speak with one of our ant control specialists, they will ask you some questions about they type of behaviour you have been observing. Generally, our specialists are then able to confirm which type of ant is infesting the location.


Depending on the type of ant infestation that you have, there are various different treatment options available. Bait and Spray services are available for all ants. However, some baits are more successful with certain ants than others. For example some ant species prefer a protein based bait while other are attracted to a carbohydrate bait. Carpenter ants like both types of bait. Spray services are an important element of any ant control program as they provide an insecticidal barrier that helps to protect your home or office from re-infestation and to kill any wandering ants who did not come into contact with the bait. Generally, we recommend utilizing a combination of both using an integrated pest management program.


When shopping for ant control services make sure to ask some important questions. Firstly, how long has the company been in business? Longevity is important in the pest control business, we’ve built our reputation on years of good service and experience. Are all technicians licensed? Legally in Ontario, any technician providing ant control services must be licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.  All of our ant control specialists are fully licensed, and experienced. It is a hiring requirement.


Carpenter Ant Toronto

Carpenter ants are large black, wood boring ants that are attracted to moisture areas and damaged or decayed wood products.

ants pickering

Pavement ants located on the patio in a backyard


Next you will want to inquire about the company’s guarantees. We offer a one year guarantee for all interior services. This provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that their problem will be eliminated. You will want to ask the company how long the treatment will take to reach full effect. Baits and sprays have different elimination times, so make sure you are clear about what type of service you are receiving.


We’ve tried to answer some of the most important questions about how to choose ant control services for your home. However, each ant infestation is different. Our ant control specialists are happy to answer any of these, or any additional questions you may have regarding ants, ant control, ant control products or ant control service. Please give them a call at 416-840-4040 or email us at

Pavement Ants Pickering

This entry hole may lead to the pavement ant colony behind the walls.

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