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Ants in Toronto

There are over 10,000 different species of Ants worldwide. Their colonies are long lived, worker ants living between 4 and 7 years and the queen may live as long as 15 years. Ant nests may be terrestrial (based in the ground), arboreal (based in trees), or structural (based in buildings).


Structural nests are the most common to humans because they invade our living space. Ants have become the number one structural pest in North America including the United States and Canada. There has been a major influx of ant infestations in the Toronto area.


The major obstacle to eliminating an ant population from a Toronto home is identification. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to be able to properly identify which species of ants. Through proper identification, our technicians can determine the best method of elimination, via sprays, dusts, or baits. Each species requires specific attention. For example Pharaoh ants are best treated with a bait while carpenter ants are best treated with a spray.

The next step is to identify the location of the colonies. All ants are social insects in which the adult individuals are specialized in certain tasks. These are referred to as castes. Each caste helps to create this society of ants working towards a common goal. This is the success of the colony even if it is in your Toronto home!

Adult ants are made up of three castes – workers, males and reproductive females.

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The primary key to success in controlling most ant infestations is to find and directly treat the colony with the appropriate insecticide. Baiting is also a helpful and strong means of control depending on the type of ant infestation in the Toronto home. 

​Locating the exact location of an ant colony can prove to be difficult. Treatments typically require baiting as so that worker ants will bring poison back to the colony, ultimately killing the queen. Once the queen is dead the colony will perish.

You can view some information on the trends in ant control in the Greater Toronto Area by viewing our Ant Control Blog. We have additionally added regional tags to our post to help our customers to access information about ant control in their area. Please view these by clicking the link below for your area of interest: